Three Graces Logo

I often get asked " where did you get the name Three Graces from?". So, tonight I am going to tell you a story.

Over ten years ago, I got a tattoo of a tree. In the roots of the tree there are three horoscope signs. A Virgo for my Mumma, Leo for my granny and an Aries for myself because well, those two women are my roots of being.

In 2008, when I was starting to put this little business together I knew for sure I wanted a tree to be my logo. When searching out for a name I came across "the three graces". They are the daughters of Zeus. Their names were Euphrosyne, Aglaea and Thalia, who are said to represent beauty, charm and joy.

Unfortunately I am no descendant of a Greek god but I thought how fitting....

So my very talented cousin came up with the logo, it is of course a tree. But if you look close enough you will be able to see three side profiles of a face. The faces of the three graces, and to me it represents my Mumma, granny and me.



10 min ..................... $10

A quick 10 minute pick me-up! This can feature the latest skin innovation products to aid in putting your healthiest skin forward. Will be tailored to your skin and its concerns. Ideal for seasonal skin maintenance.

ProSkin 30

30 min ..................... $45

Allows your Skin Therapist to quickly design an effective skin treatment for your top skin concern in a convenient amount of time. ** Ideal as a key problem-solving treatment between longer treatments.**

ProSkin 60

60 min ..................... $85

This treatment will give you a customized experience that addresses all your skin concerns. Leave with a better understanding of your skin and it's needs.

ProSkin 90

90 min ..................... $105

The ultimate journey to your healthiest - looking skin. All skin concerns will be addressed while enjoying enhanced rest and relaxation.

Microderm Facial

60 min ..................... $95

Get a deep clean Fast! Mini facial meets Microdermabration. Recieve all the benifits of Microdermabration white getting a relaxing mini facial.




AFA or Micro treatment

30 min ..................... $89

The LCN diamond elite unit uses high quality diamond encrusted tips to gently resurface the skin removing the dead cells. A single treatment will leave your skin brighter, deeply exfoliated and glowing. Whether you’re fighting fine lines, dealing with age spots or want an effective way to minimize discolouration. Microdermabrasion can also be helpful with oily and enlarged pores, blackheads, acne and even some acne scarring.

Package of 6 treatments

30 min/ea ..................... $445.00 +tax (reg $534)

Get one treatment Free!

A space dedicated to peoples uniqueness and well being.
Aiming to help create a realistic balance between
yesterday’s natural remedies
and today’s busy lifestyle for tomorrow’s living.

Eye Lash Extentions

Eyelash extensions will last 2-4 weeks, and it is recommended that they get refilled every 2-3 weeks to ensure that at least 50% of lashes are there so that refill price can be charged instead of full set.

Classic extensions
One single lash extention to one natural lash (1:1)

  • Lavish Set (2 hrs) $145
  • Fills $50
  • Posh set (1.5 hrs) $110
  • Fills $40

3D Volume Extentions
Ultra fine, light-weight lash extensions fanned and applied to one natural lash (3:1) , creating a lush lash line of voluminous lashes

  • 3D Volume Set (3.5 hrs) $180
  • Fills $60

** Fill price does reflect work and lashes needed at time of appoinement and is subject to change. For best results and wear please follow our lash Aftercare sheet carefully!

** Please note that fills past 5 weeks will result in a new set being charged. We encourage to book fills well in advance.


Lash Lifting
A lash lift is much like perming your hair, except in a smaller dosage and application to make it safe for your eyes. Time to toss the lash curler and get the curly lashes you have always dreamed of! Perms will last 6-8 weeks depending on aftercare taken and how perm takes to lashes. Please follow aftercare sheet carefully.

  • Lash Lift (1 hr) $70
  • Lash Lift with Lash Tint (1.5 hrs) $85
Eye Lashes

Hand & Foot Care

  • Manicure $35
  • Spa Manicure (Includes extra exfoliation and paraffin treatment) $45
  • Hand Paraffin treatment $15
  • Pedicure $55
  • Spa Pedicure (Includes extra exfoliation and paraffin treatment) $66
  • Foot Paraffin treatment $15
  • Toe cure (No callous removal) $30
  • Toe Cut & Shape $20
  • Callous Removal $30
  • Polish Hands / Feet ($25 for both) $15
  • Add French Polish $5
  • OPI Gel Polish (basic) $35
  • OPI Gel Polish with Manicure $50
  • Nail Replacement $5
  • Gel or Acrylic Removal (without application) $30


  • Gels / Acrylics Sets $65
  • French Fill $50
  • (this can include a simple design on one finger each hand)
  • Full Color fills $50
  • (this can include a simple design on one finger each hand)
  • Gel & Acrylic Fill With Designs $55
  • (This applies to chromes, swarovski crystals, foil leafing, pigments, stencils, free hand nail art)

Kids Nails

10 yrs & under

  • Kids Polish Hands / Feet ($15 for both) $10
  • Mini Man $15.50
  • Mini pedi $22.50
  • Mini Mani & Pedi $30.50

Body Treatment


1.75 hours ..................... $75

Indulge yourself in a full body exfoliation and massage. Using hydro active mineral salts. We exfoliate and polish the body, which promotes a healthy glow,reduces cellulite and leaves the skin feeling soft and subtle!

Stress Relief

1.75 hours ..................... $75

Calm your mind, body and soul Destress with a relaxing body cleanse and stress relief massage. It also includes a customized mini facial to treat tired skin.

Tinting & Waxing

  • Brow wax $15
  • Lip wax $5
  • Chin wax $5
  • Cheek wax $15
  • Back wax $50
  • Underarm wax $15
  • Full Arm wax $30
  • Half Arm wax $20
  • Basic Bikini wax $30
  • Betweeni wax $40
  • Brazilian wax $65
  • Upper Leg wax $25
  • Lower Leg wax $35
  • Full Leg wax $50
  • Brow tint with Brow wax $30
  • Eyebrow tint $20
  • Eyelash tint $20
  • Brow & Lash tint $35