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AccuTite by Inmode

AccuTite is revolutionizing in-office minimally invasive procedures and is the latest in the Radiofrequency Assisted Lipo-coagulation (RFAL) family of technologies. Under local anaesthesia or light sedation, a small wand is placed under the skin and radiofrequency energy is applied under and over the skin to contract the area to iron out lines and wrinkles! Any areas with saggy skin or excess fat can be treated. Common areas for the face include around the eyes, nasolabial fold, lower face, and neck. On the body, patients can receive AccuTite for bra-fat, upper arms, stomach, inner thighs, and knees.

You can go home immediately after the procedure and resume regular activities shortly after.  Some swelling is expected; this can last for 1-3 weeks.

Some tightening is seen immediately, however, best results are noticed after 6 weeks and continuing up to 12 months.

AccuTite has over 32 peer reviewed clinical publications showing a high level of safety. The technology has numerous built in safeguards to ensure uniform and gentle heating that makes the procedure comfortable and effective.

Body Sculpting with TruSculpt 3D

TruSculpt 3D is the newest advancement in non-surgical body sculpting that offers permanent fat reduction and skin tightening in a single session.

TruSculpt 3D uses controlled, monopolar radiofrequency (RF) technology to deliver targeted heat to areas large and small. RF energy passes through the skin to target the underlying fat tissue. As the fat is heated, the cells are destroyed and pass through the body naturally. Patients can expect to decrease circumference and diminish fat in areas that have been resistant to diet and exercise. There is no downtime after treatment, activities can continue as usual. You will start to see results in 2 weeks and continue to see improvements for 3 months. Average fat thickness reduction is 24% after 1 treatment.

TruSculpt 3D can treat most areas on the body including abdomen and flanks, bra line, under the chin or jaw line, arms, inner or outer thighs, etc.

TruSculpt 3D vs CoolSculpt – This is why Dr Haverluck chose the TruScuplt 3D

  • Has clinically achieved the highest percentage of fat thickness reduction, at 36% after 1 treatment.
  • Is the only FDA device cleared to do any area of the body.
  • Is the only device that destroys fat AND tightens skin.
  • Is done is almost half the time needed by other devices.

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Have a Question?

What is TruSculpt 3D?
truSculpt 3D is the newest advancement in circumferential reduction and nonsurgical body sculpting that offers up to 24 percent fat thickness reduction, as measured by ultrasound, in a single treatment. It is RF (radio frequency)technology that delivers deep heating energy to adipose tissue for body sculpting.
Am I a candidate for truSculpt 3D?
The provider will determine whether you are a candidate for truSculpt 3D during the consultation. Typically, appropriate patients have a BMI less than 30.
Can truSculpt 3D be used on all skin types?
Yes, this treatment can be done on all skin types.
How long does a treatment take?
Treatment time depends on the areas treated. To treat an abdomen and both flanks (4 areas) will take about one hour.
How many treatments will be needed?
Patients typically see results after one treatment. Some patients may elect to have a second treatment for final tweaks or for treatments on alternant areas.
What will the treatment feel like?
The treatment is performed using a technique that requires the operator to lightly glide the handpiece over the area being treated. The temperature will slowly heat up and is very comfortable. Most patients comment that the procedure feels like a hot stone massage.
Can I return to normal activities after my treatment?
Yes, this is a noninvasive procedure and you can return to all normal activities immediately after the treatment.
Is there any downtime after the treatment or side effects?
There is no downtime or side effect after this treatment. The treatment area may feel tender following the treatment but this will resolve within a few days.
When will I see results?
After the treatment, your body’s immune system will start to break down and flush out the fat cells that were treated leading to circumferential reduction. Everyone’s body does so at a different rate however, on average, people will see results around 6-8 weeks after the treatment and continuing improvement up to 3 months.

After delivering 2 children by C-section, I had fat and loose skin on my abdomen and I was looking for a treatment that could address my concerns without downtime. The truSculpt 3D treatment was quick and easy to tolerate. Now at 12 weeks out, I see a noticeable difference in my abdomen – my pants fit better and my skin even looks better. truSculpt 3D is great treatment for busy people who are looking for improvement without the downtime and headaches of surgery.


Fotona TightSculpting

Tightsculpt Kd 2

Tightsculpt MS

We all have an ideal shape that we aspire to.  Some of us have achieved it and others are still working towards their goal to sculpt a body they feel comfortable in.  Often we have stubborn areas that need a little extra help.  TightSculpting provides that help by eliminating fat with no surgery and no downtime.

TightSculpting is a unique procedure that reduces fat and tightens skin in one treatment. Fotona Nd:YAG and Er:YAG lasers are used to safely and comfortably focus energy to the fat beneath the skin.  The laser heats the fat causing fat cell damage while leaving the skin unharmed.  Once the fat cells are damaged, your body naturally processes it or eliminates it through the lymph system.  The laser energy also works to tighten your skin and rejuvenate the surface texture.  The result is your ideal shape that you feel comfortable in!

We can treat most areas on the body including stomach and love handles, legs, arms, chest or back area and under the chin!

Each person is different but you can expect minimal to no discomfort during the treatment.  Immediately following the treatment, you may experience some redness or minor swelling that will diminish after a few hours.  You can resume you daily activities immediately after treatment.

Depending on the desired results, you may require 3 to 4 treatments.


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